Nearly 40 composers have participated in the first three annual Ness Beck Choral Composers’ Workshops, and have gone out with a renewed vision of excellence in church choral composition, broader choral work and composition, and overall musicianship. While publication is never the only measure of compositional success, or necessarily the highest goal, it does, nevertheless, figure prominently in the goals of the Ness Beck Foundation. Numerous workshop alumni are now contributing increased repertoire to the choral world through various publishers, including the following Beckenhorst publications:

Elaine Hagenberg (2014 workshop) – (multiple Beckenhorst pieces)

Trevor Manor (2014 workshop) – (multiple Beckenhorst pieces)

Timothy Shaw (2014 workshop) – (multiple Beckenhorst pieces)

Joshua Sparkman (2015 workshop) – (multiple Beckenhorst pieces)

Ethan McGrath (2016 workshop) – (multiple Beckenhorst pieces)

Dan Wells (2016 workshop) – It Is Not Death To Die (2017)

John Reim (2017 workshop) – Lamb of God (2017)

J. Marty Cope (2017 workshop) – Thine Be The Glory (2017)

Marianne Forman – (multiple Beckenhorst pieces)


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